Compiled by Mary Lou Stiverson

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**London Times-1862-Married Christmas Eve, Dec. 1861, Battael Harrison and Lydia Rodgers. Daniel D. Miller of the 113th Regt. and Annie E. McCallister of Mt. Sterling are wed. G.W. Creath, postmaster at Big Plain post office having removed to Mt. Sterling, is succeeded by B.F. Jones. The 113th Regt. is transferred from Camp Goodard, Zanesville, to Camp Dennison near Cincinnati.

August-Capt. Adams of Mt. Sterling goes into Camp Chase with some 90 odd men and is assigned to the 113th Regt.

1863-Died in Mt. Sterling on the 28th of March, Keturah S. Kauffelt aged 73 yrs. Dr. A. Toland and Charles Phellis start for Nashville to see the boys of the 113th Regt. May-2 sons of John Miller of Pleasant Twp. and Perry Gerard, all of Capt. Messmore's Co 113th Regt. died lately in hospital at Franklin, Tenn.

June-Alex E. Bragg, son of Elijah Bragg, late a volunteer of the 113th Regt. died at his father's home in Pleasant Twp. on the 28th from disease contracted in the Army. August-J.W. Walter's house near Mt. Sterling burned. September-Reunion of the 26th, 113th & 95th OVI in London. October- Mr. & Mrs. N.J.D. Kauffelt of Mt. Sterling celebrated their golden wedding. November-The new public hall in Mt. Sterling is opened with a Catillion party under management of A.B. Hughes and C.H. Hanawalt.

1864-March-The residence of E. Bragg, Pleasant Twp. destroyed by fire on the 13th. August-The M.E. Church parsonage at Mt. Sterling is destroyed by fire on the 9th. October-An unsuccessful attempt is made to rob and murder George Kious of Pleasant Twp.

1865-March-A movement is begun to establish monthly stock sales in Mt. Sterling. April-Elias O'Day, a lunatic, escaped from the county jail and was subsequently recaptured in Pleasant Twp. May-D.E. McMillen, 95th OVI, survived the doomed Sultana, visits newspaper office. June-Pleasant Twp. N.T. Tenney selected as juror. Capt. Messmore arrived home at Mt. Sterling. John Creath, Mt. Sterling, 113th Regt. OVI passed through on a special train to Columbus last Saturday, reception at Goodale Park Monday.. Families and friends with baskets filled with good things also invited. The 113th returned with 25 officers and 462 men.

**Madison Democrat-Death record of 1878-Harriet Beale in April and Mrs. Samuel Robinson in December both of Pleasant Twp.

1879-March-Perry Rowlin stabbed by Ransomer in Mt. Sterling. May-Ransomer found guilty. July-Fred Baker stabbed by John Shanahan in Mt. Sterling and died on the 10th. December-Mt. Sterling Post Office robbed.

1880-February-Marriage of S.S. Robison and Mrs. Mary A. Clark of Pleasant Twp. September-Tom McDonald, once Corporation Marshal of Mt. Sterling, lynched by a Pickaway Co. mob at Commercial Point. Marriage of Elijah Bales and Miss Pet. Robison from Pleasant Twp. October-Mrs. Sabina Douglass of Columbus, formerly of Pleasant Twp., died aged 87.

1881-March 23-James Dennison, assault on Alexander McHenry in Pleasant Twp.

**London Enterprise-1882-June-Orten's Circus at Mt. Sterling.

**Madison Democrat-1883-January-List of pensioners on the roll at Mt. Sterling: Cynthia Buckley, Elizabeth Baughman, Hulday E. Fisher, Isabella Dennison, Mary Murray, Marla E. Young, Nancy Redding, Sarah Dennis all being widows and Margaret Dennison, a mother. M. Isaac g.a.w. foot and Jeremiah Hargrave g.s.w.r thigh and Arthur A.Hatfield wd. l. leg and Francis A. Wickell wd. rt shoulder and Wm. Delong wd rt. leg and Samuel Felty g.s.w.r arm and Andrew Mitchell chron. diarr. and Jonathan Minton chron diarr. and Jonathan Warren tumor lf. side and Thom. W. Crabb loss l. arm and Ephriam Parker dis. heart and Meredith H. Nichodemus chro. diarr. On roll from Big Plain Clarissa Benj. widow and Geo. H. Watrous wd. rt. foot and Lewis W. Fent g. wd. rt. leg and Wiley Creath dis. of heart and Wm. Nichols dis. of abdominal. Local deaths July-E.B. Coulton of Mt. Sterling. August-Scott Cook of Mt. Sterling dies. Oct.- Mrs. J. Crotty dies.

1885-April-New K.P. Lodge organized at Mt. Sterling. May-Mrs. A. Denman of Mt. Sterling died. July-CH. Montgomery of Pleasant Twp. died and Moses Bales of Big Plain died. September-Mrs. Mary Cox of Big Plain died.
**Madison County Democrat-1888-February-Wife of Judge E.E Fitzgerald of Fairfield Twp. dies. April-Wm. B. Fitzgerald died. June-Mrs. Ella Atkins of Mt. Sterling died. M.D.L. Schock of Mt. Sterling died. Mrs. Nancy Frazelle of Pleasant Twp. died. July-Mrs. Mary Mooney of Mt. Sterling dropped dead. August-Osburn Crabb, old resident near Mt. Sterling dropped dead. September-Mrs. Geo. Poland and Mrs. Thos. Edwards both of Big Plain died. Mrs. Alex Smith found dead in bed near Big Plain. Wesley Buzic of Pleasant Twp. dead. October-Death of Thomas E. Crabb of Mt. Sterling. November-Death of A.T.B. Terry, Sen. Geo. Kious, Mrs. Eliza Timmons all of Mt. Sterling died. Mrs. James Buzick of Big Plain died. December-Ella Van Ness buried at Mt. Sterling.
**London Vigilant-1888-May 15-Mrs. Al. Miller of Mt. Sterling died last Friday at the home of her parents, Mrs. And Mrs. Wm. Neff. She was afflicted with cancer for a long time. Her husband, a daughter and 2 sons survive her. The funeral was held from the M.E. Church at Sterling last Sunday. September 25-The Douglass family held a reunion at Mt. Sterling last Wednesday. 11 children of David Douglass were present: Lucinda Wilson of Columbus age 81, Henry Douglass of Delaware Co. age 79, Clara Wickle of this county age 77, Perry Douglass of Union Co. age 73, Thomas Douglass of Iowa age 71, W.C. Douglass age 62, D.H. Douglass age 67, Elizabeth Snyder age 75, Emma Bates age 69, all of Mt. Sterling. John Douglass of Union Co. age 58, Mrs. Jane Jackson of Mt. Vernon age 55. Wm. Wickle of Missouri was elected president of the family.
**Madison County Democrat-1889-January-Stephen Miller, Pleasant Twp., died. February-Abe Hasting's house in Mt. Sterling burned. March-Death of Mrs. Lucinda Young, Mt. Sterling. May-Wm. Douglass of Big Plain died. June-New loan company organized at Mt. Sterling. Mrs. H. Blair, Mt. Sterling, died. Wm. J. Hodges, old soldier of Mt. Sterling, died. August-Felix Dounce, Pleasant Twp., died. A. Mitchell, Sr., Mt. Sterling, died. Big fire at Mt. Sterling. Mrs. Sarah R. Miller, Pleasant Twp., died. September-D.H. Douglass, Mt. Sterling, died. October-Chas. C. Thomas, Big Plain farmer, blew his brains out. Dr. D.E. McMillen, well-known Mt. Sterling physician, died. November-Fred Pierce's grocery at Big Plain blown open and $200 stolen. December-Mrs. John Burt and Maggie Flynn of Mt. Sterling died.
**London Vigilant-1889-August 13-List of enrolled teachers: Chrissie Hinkle of Big Plain.
**Madison County Democrat-1890-January-Died Stephen Miller of Pleasant Twp. July-Announcement of Madison Co. Selective Service Ofc. named to go to Columbus Friday morning for pre-induction examination included Charles Cooper of Mt. Sterling.
1893-April-County Clerk Dunn and Sheriff Emery drew the list of jurors for the term. Grand Jury-G.W. Neff Pleasant Twp. and Petit jurors Geo. W. Waldo, W.S. Robison and James O'Day of Pleasant Twp.
1896-September-The Old Guard-Veteran Numbers of the McKinley Republican Club at Mt. Sterling:
David Heath 96, B.F. Renick 87, Seth Hatfield 85, J.W. Hatfield 78, Ezra Blain 77, I.N. Beatty 75, John N. Neff 75, Azariah Jones 74, Perry Ownes 73, Jno. Mitchell 71, Wiley Creath 71, S.S. Robison 70, W.C. Douglas 70, Wm. E. Wilson 66, Wm. T. Leach 65, Jos. Robison 64, E.L. Morton 62, Geo. Bazler 62, Wm. Ray 60, Stephen Anderson 88, Peter Long 84, Levi Southard 79, Gabriel Alkire 78, Moses H. Glasscock 76, H.G.C. Dennison 76, David Robinson 75, Thomas Robinson 73, Thomas Alkire 71, David Mann 71, Robt. Montgomery 70, Jas. Dennison 70, G.W. Hume, A.R. Alkire 66, Geo. Alkire 64, C.H. Hanawalt 63, Daniel Mitchell 63, W.O. Lane 62, J.R. Smith 60.

1899-Deaths-January-Howard Schryver, Jr. & Mrs. Flavilla Alkire both of Mt. Sterling. February- Abraham C. Stout, Pleasant Twp. March-Mrs. John W. Graham, Kiousville. April-Mrs. Lettie Abernathy & Mrs. Marshall P. Davis both of Mt. Sterling. Porter Berriman, soldier, Mt. Sterling, died. June-Pearl Douglass of Kiousville. July-Nathan Oglesbee buried at Big Plain. August-John Neff, 78, Mt. Sterling. September-Mrs. Daniel Flynn of Kiousville. October-Bryan Flynn, near Kiousville. November-Mrs. Marie Walz Corbitt, Big Plain, J.W. Riddle & Harry Thrush both of Mt. Sterling.
**London Times-1903-Mrs. Judge Lincoln had 6 of her relatives removed from the old cemetery at Yankeetown and one from the graveyard on the Jones-Breyfogle farm to the London Cemetery. Colonel Johial Gregory, buried in 1817, Revolutionary War Veteran and was the great-grandfather of Mrs. Lincoln and also of O.W. Loofbourrow.
**Madison County Democrat-1909-March-Mt. Sterling Notes: Ezra Blain, aged 90, was born April 11, 1819, in Saltcreek, Pickaway Co. His present residence is Mt. Sterling. He never was sick but twice in his life and never missed a vote since 1840. Sells medicine and notions and walks on an average about 10 mi. a week. Is in the best of health at present. John Durham, aged 88, was born near New Holland, Ohio, Jan. 3, 1821 and has been a resident of Mt. Sterling for the past 14 years. Kiousville Notes: Henry Gill, aged 83, was born in Perry Co., Ohio on Mar. 14, 1826. He is hale and hearty. Big Plain Notes: Susan (Eyler) Mayhugh, aged 82, was born in Franklin Co., PA in 1827. On April 14, 1846 she wed Washington Mayhugh and in 1857 they came to Ohio. They settled in Franklin Co. but came to Big Plain in 1862. She has lived in and near Big Plain for 46 years--Dianah (Peele) Cochrun, aged 89, was born on the banks of the James River in Bottentot Co., VA in 1820. Her father came to Ohio in 1827 settling in Franklin Co. Mrs. Cochrun has lived within 15 miles of Big Plain ever since coming to Ohio. When she came, most of the area was woodlands. There were no gravel roads or free schools as now. -December-Veteran Roll of old soldiers living in Madison Co.: Manford Austin Corp Co A 5th Regt. & D.F. Binder Co H 168th Regt. & O.W. Bostwick Corp Co C 60th Regt & David Clarridge Corp Co C 60th Regt & J.E. Connell Corp Co E 182nd Regt & Christopher Delong Co M 1st Regt. & Frank F. Funk Co G 17th Regt & Dayton N. Junk Corp Co K 21st Regt & B.O. Keller Co G 113th Regt & A.H. Kious Co E 182nd Regt. & R.S. Leach Co H 1st Regt. & Meredith Nicodemus Co H 9th Regt. * D.B. Saint Co B 14th Regt. & W.D. Wood Co A 54th Regt & D.B. Wheeler Co A 50th Regt.
**Madison Press-1906-Deaths-January-Mrs. Smiley Hughes & Mr. J. Wesley Ingrim both of Mt. Sterling. February-Mrs. Julia Griffith & Mrs. W.D. Wood both of Mt. Sterling. March-Joseph Robison, Thomas Slattery, Mrs. Jane Robison all of Mt. Sterling. Dr. Charles Higgins of Derby. Charles Austin buried at Mt. Sterling. April-Mrs. Caroline Deyo of Mt Sterling died. May-Allen T. Thornton, Mrs. Jane Neff Morton and unknown Straw all of Mt. Sterling died. Lemuel Lawrence, Mrs. August Deneca both of Big Plain died. June-Mrs. John Robey, Mrs. Fannie Cook, Maggie Burchnell all of Mt. Sterling died. Susan Cartmill of Big Plain and Mrs. Alice Brown of Derby both died. October-John O'Day & John K. Robey both of Mt. Sterling. Ira Harsh of Big Plain & Theadore Bragg of Pleasant Twp. December-Katie Clawson & Mrs. Elizabeth Neff both of Mt. Sterling.
1912-War Record for Co I 54th: John Stone buried at Palestine, Wm. Trumper buried at White Oak. Buried in Pleasant Twp.: James A. Baker Co G 113th, Henry Bower Co B 95th, Jesse S. Bower Co B 95th, John T. Burke Co K 90th, John Luzander Co D 187th, Clarence Shields McMillen Co D 168th, Isaac W. Mantle Co C 191st, Wm. Ramey Co D 114th, Wm. Henry Steptoe Co H 27th, Henry L. Seward Co C 9th, W.S. Tammadge Co G 113th, Samuel Whiting Co G 15th, John T. Walters Co B 13th, Joseph Ward Co A 45th, Edward Shockley Bat. H 4th..
1913-June-The Bragg family reunion last Wednesday was a most enjoyable event with about 125 members of the family present. The Elijah Bragg homestead in Pleasant Twp. was the scene of this delightful occasion. Music, addresses, recitations, etc., were among the features of the day with a sumptuous dinner served at noon. Mingling in the crowd: County treasurer C.A. Wilson and family, Mr. Fred Foster and family and Mr. Lloyd Bragg and family of London. Mr. James Byers and family of Columbus, as well.

**The London Enterprise-1913-February-Personals: Misses Ida and Bessie Junk and Mr. Bruce Junk of Mt. Sterling spent several days last week the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Weyer and family. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Klever entertained Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beale and little daughter of Mt. Sterling for a part of last week.
**The London Times-1915-Spring-Mt. Sterling will have a fair again this year. Estimates have been secured looking toward the erection of a commodious new grandstand at the fair grounds. If the building can be completed before fair time, the first of August, it will be constructed. August- Five people were killed when a west bound freight train ran into the rear of a B&O passenger train filled with Mt. Sterling
excursionists as it took water at Orient.
**Madison Press-1931-December 28-The funeral service for Daniel B. Pettit, 87, Civil War Veteran, who died of apoplexy Thursday at his home in Mt. Sterling, was held at 1 P.M., Friday, Christmas Day, in the E.T. Snyder Funeral Home in Mt. Sterling. A second service was held at 2:30 P.M. in Greenlawn Cemetery. Mr. Pettit, who was for 53 years an employee of the Hocking Valley Railroad, moved to Mt. Sterling from Columbus 3 yrs. ago. He served in Co C 141st Regt. OVI during the war. His widow, a daughter, Miss Lelia Pettit and a son Charles Pettit survive.

Genealogical Data collected and assimilated in part by Mary Lou Stiverson.

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