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Compiled by Mary Lou Stiverson
When Union men came home from the war they found hard times, no jobs and little or no compensation for their related disabilities. Veterans began to band together in political-action groups to further their causes. The basis for the GAR was laid in 1866. Included in their group were oaths and rituals playing on anti-Confederate feelings.
The first post was organized in Springfield, IL. It promoted good will among veterans, aid to the needy or disabled comrades, support for war widows and children, provided service benefits and promoted allegiance to the government. It was said that GAR meant "Generally All Republicans". Six months later, Illinois had 157 GAR posts. Chapters were added and by mid-1867, nearly every Northern state had many GAR posts. GAR posts were even begun in Confederate states as many Union veterans later settled there. Late in 1866, it held its first encampment and elected a national commander. They pursued the passage of a national pension law and the establishment of homes for veterans' orphans. By the next year they had become the chief method by which veterans stated their demands. The GAR backed Ulysses S. Grant's presidential campaign. They established a Decoration Day, the forerunner of Memorial Day, as a national holiday. They were instrumental in gaining passage of a liberal pension bill that up through the early 1900's cost the government over one billion dollars. In 1890, it claimed a membership of nearly 450,000 members. In 1949, the GAR held its 83rd and final encampment. Only 6 of the final 16 surviving veterans attended. The last living comrade was Albert Woolson of Minnesota. He was a drummer boy who died in 1956.
In Mt. Sterling, OH the local GAR post was J.C. Bostwick Post #406, named for Julius C. Bostwick who was a 2nd Lt. for Co G of the 113th OVI which organized in Mt. Sterling. Undoubtedly, many of our local veterans were members there.

GAR burials in Pleasant Cemetery

Stires, Wm., died Era, OH 6/12/1905 age 67. Enlisted 5/2/1864 age 22 Co E 155th OVI. Mustered out 8/27/1864 Camp Dennison, OH. Buried 5/35/?.
Strain, Lewis (Levi?), enlisted 8/4/1862 Co B 95th. Wounded in action. Out 8/30/1863 Richmond, KY.
Suysgood, Samuel, died Harrisburg, OH in 1900 age 74. Buried 5/23/4.
Talbert, S.A. buried section 4.
Tatman, Amos P., Sr., died Darby Twp., OH 1/26/1897 age unknown of pneumonia. Enlisted 8/16/1862 Co G. 90th. Buried 1/3/?.
Terry, Silas, died Madison Mills, OH 5/25/2891 age 55 of stomach trouble. Enlisted 10/28/1861, Co I
67th OVI. Mustered out 12/7/1865 City Camp, VA. Buried 3/48/?.
Timmons, Joseph, enlisted 10/9/1861 age 24, Co C 73rd. Wounded at Gettysburg, PA and died of wounds 7/15/1863. Buried section 6.
Tomlinson, James R., died Mt. Sterling 7/15/1912 age 73. Buried 6/10/9.
Turner, James L., enlisted 9/14/1862 age 33 Co I 113th OVI. Mustered out 7/6/1865 Louisville, KY. Buried section 13.
Walters, Charles F., died Mt. Sterling buried 12 14/1936 age 81 of strep infection. Buried 3/40/9.
Watson, Jno. Buried 5/?/6.
Whiting, Samuel, died Mt. Sterling 2/7/1911 age 71 of mitral insufficiency. Buried 2/36/5.
Wickell, Frances Augustus, died 6/12/1914 age 71 of mitral insufficiency. Buried 7/12/?.
Wilkins, James, died Harrisburg, OH 9/4/1914 age 80 of cerebral hemorrhage. Buried 7/12/?.
Williamson, Jacob L., died Troy, OH 7/7/1914 age 80 of cerebral hemorrhage. Enlisted 9/2/1861 Co I 3rd and mustered out 6/22/1864. Buried 5/34/9.
Wood, Jacob L., died Madison Co., OH 6/8/1901 age 59 of paralysis. Buried 6/10/10.
Writsel, Henry W., died Derby, OH buried 5/28/1932 age unknown of senility. Buried 12/22/3.
Young, Lewis, buried section 2.


Compiled by Mary Lou Stiverson


Fisher, Isaac M. GAR, died June 3, 1878, age 35. Enlisted 12/9/1861 unknown unit. He was absent, sick in unknown hospital. Discharged 9/8/1862 at Ft. McHenry, Maryland for disability.


Bostwick, Benjamin F., born 1837 Mt. Sterling, OH. Enlisted 12/30/1863, age 25 in Co G 113th OVI For more information, see the Co G 113th section of the web site.

Emerson, George, born about 1834. Enlisted 9/1/1861, age 27. Co I 40th. Transferred to Co I 51st 12/10/1864. Mustered out 10/3/1865 in Victoria, TX. This company was organized at Camp Chase, OH. They were sent first to eastern KY for Garfield's campaign. They saw action at: Paintsville, KY;

Middle Creek; Pound Gap in the Cumberland Mts.; Piketon, KY; Louisa, KY. They moved to Gallipolis, OH 9/13/1862 then back to eastern KY. They were ordered to Nashville, TN 2/20/1863, then to Franklin, TN. They served in the Tullahoma campaign in June and July of 1863. They saw action at Chickamauga and the siege of Chattanooga, TN and Lookout Mt. 11/1863. They saw action at Buzzard's Roost, Resaca, Kenesaw Mt., Peach Tree Creek. They were in the siege of Atlanta, a flank movement at Jonesboro and the battle of Franklin, TN 11/30/1864. The recruits were consolidated with the 51st Ohio 12/10/1864. Total men killed, wounded or missing at this point was 237. After joining the 51st the fought in the battle of Nashville and chased Hood to the Tennessee River December 17th to 28th. They went to Huntsville, AL and stayed until 3/1865. They joined operations in est Tennessee 3/15/1865 to 4/22/1865. They had duty at Nashville, TN until June, 1865. They were ordered to New Orleans, LA 6/16/1865 then to Texas where they pulled duty at Indianola, Green Lake and Victoria to October, 1865. They mustered out 10/3/1865

and were discharged at Columbus, OH 11/3/1865. Total men killed, wounded or missing 346.

Gaskill, Dr. Vincent Harrison (1842-1913) GAR - Civil War Surgeon for United States Navy

James, J.W. served Co C 8th OVI, Gibralter Brigade. The unit was organized at Fremont, OH and then went to Camp Dennison, OH. Total rank and file was 100. They served in WVA until 3/1862 and moved to the Shenandoah Valley and served at Cedar Creek, Winchester and Front Royal. In July they were ordered to the Peninsula and served at Chickahominy. In August they moved to fight at South Mountain and Antietam. At Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville they sustained heavy losses. At Gettysburg they lost over 100 killed or wounded. They went with Grant through the Wilderness campaign. When its service expired, the men were withdrawn from the trenches at Petersburg. They mustered out 7/13/1864. Total men killed, wounded or missing 205.

James, James H., 1841-1910 served Co G 80th OVI

Peasley, Edward A., husband to Elizabeth Pancoast Peasley. He owned a store in Waterloo and died 7/8/1898 age 69. He served Co K 65th OVI and sustained several serious wounds. His left arm was amputated and he was given a disability discharge. He reenlisted as a substitute. His company was organized at Mansfield, OH. They served at Shiloh, Corinth, chased Bragg into KY. Also was Stone's River, Tullahoma campaign, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, the Atlanta campaign, Reseca, Kenesaw Mt., Peach Tree Creek, Jonesboro, the Nashville campaign and battle of Franklin, TN. They mustered out

11/30/1865. Total men killed, wounded or missing 257.

Redding, Daniel N., husband of Sarah Catherine Micker Redding, served Co K 176th OVI which was organized at Camp Chase, OH. They were sent to Nashville, TN for provost and guard duty from 9/1864 to 6/1865. They saw action in the battle of Nashville 12/15&16/1864. They mustered out 6/18/1865 and according to records lost 102 men of disease.

Riggin, Jeremiah J., husband of Mary J. Davis Riggin. He was born 12/1/1816 in the state of Delaware and died 2/26/1890 at 73 in Fayette Co., OH. He enlisted 8/13/1862 in Co G 113th OVI and mustered out 7/6/1865 Louisville, KY. (See 113th info in its section on the site.)
Shirley, Solomon, GAR marker, Co ? of 70th OVI
Showalter, Jonathan, GAR marker
Wood Marcellus T., born 11/2/1846 the son of Daniel and Tabitha Leach Wood. He died 5/7/1865 at age 18. Enlisted 2/8/65 at age 18 Co F 188th. This was organized at Camp Chase, OH to serve one year. They reported to Gen. Thomas at Nashville on 3/9/1865. Assigned to duty under Brig-Gen. Van Cleve and ordered to Murfreesboro, TN where they stayed for 2 months then went off to Tullahoma for 2 months. Finally to Nashville until 9/21/1865 where they were mustered out on that date. Marcellus appears to have been the only casualty for this group.
Yoeman, Stephen Bates, husband of Cordelia Wood. He was born 1836 Fayette Co., OH. He enlisted in 1861 to Co F 22nd OVI. Reenlisted 9/15/1861 as Capt. For Co A 54th OVI. He was wounded several times and lost his right arm. He became Capt. In Veteran Reserve Corps Co C 2nd BN. He was also an officer of the 3rd Brigade, 1st Division 25th Corps. He was promoted to Brevet Brigadier General of Volunteers.
Wood, William D., enlisted 9/1861 Co A 54th OVI, perhaps serving with Stephen Bates Yoeman. This group marched 3,682 miles, experienced 4 sieges, 9 skirmishes, 15 general engagements. Mustered out
8/1865. Total loss of men from death, wounds or missing 506.
Mansfield, Edward, born about 1831. Enlisted 8/15/1862, age 31, Co K 91st OVI and mustered out 12/15/1863. This group was organized at Camp Ironton. They fought at Halltown, VA 8/24/1862.


Bishop, John J., born about 1839. Enlisted 8/13/1862, age 23, Co G 113th OVI.(See 113th info in its own section of the site.)
Grim, Albert, born about 1842. Enlisted 10/22/1863, age 21, Co K 90th OVI. Served with Col. Samuel Yoeman. Regt. organized at Camp Circleville, OH 8/20/1862 for 3 yrs. 38 commissioned officers and 943 men. Left immediately for Covington, KY. Various marches in KY. Went to Perryville but was not engaged. Met the enemy at Stone's River. Lost in the fighting's first day 130 killed, wounded or missing. Camped for several months near Murfreesboro, TN and proceeded to the battle of Chickamauga, losing 88 killed, wounded or injured. Present at the Atlanta campaign. They followed Hood and saw action in the battle of Franklin and Nashville. Saw action at Stone's River; Resaca, GA; Kenesaw Mt. and Jonesboro. Saw action all the way to Alabama and back. Joined in the pursuit of the Confederates to the banks of the Tennessee River. Original members mustered out 6/13/1865 and recruits 10/3/1865.
Sollars, James, born about 1844. Enlisted 9/19/1862, age 18. Co D 114th OVI. Disability discharge 7/23/1863 at St. Louis, MO. Regt. organized at Camp Circleville, OH for 3 yrs. Consolidated with the 120th OVI 11/27/1864. On 12/1862 they moved on transports down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to Johnston's Landing on the Yazoo River. There they joined Gen. Sherman's army then about to move on the rear of Vicksburg. Saw the action at Chickasaw bayou 12/28&29/1862, losing many killed or injured.
Participated in the entire Vicksburg campaign. In the battle of Port Gibson they lost several men while charging the enemy. Enemy was driven from the field with Rebel artillery and prisoners captured. During the Vicksburg struggle of 6/22/1863 much action was seen. James Sollars became disabled and was discharged that next month.

Cook, Benjamin F., was born 3/14/1838 and died 11/30/1872. He enlisted 12/9/1861, age 23. Co H 60th OVI. Mustered out 11/10/1862. He was captured by the enemy but paroled at Harper's Ferry September of 1862. Regt. was formed at Gallipolis, OH for service of one year. April, 1862 they went to the field to join Gen. Fremont's forces at New Creek, WVA. Action was seen at Strasburg and Cross Keys where it lost badly. The last service was at the affair of Harper's Ferry where the entire regiment of the 60th became prisoners of war. They were all paroled and mustered out 11/10/1862.


Holcomb, John, born about 1832. Enlisted as Corp. 2/6/1865, age 33. Co F 188th OVI. He died
9/1/1865 age 33. Regt. was organized at Camp Chase, OH to serve one year. Orders sent them to Gen. Thomas at Nashville, TN where they were assigned under Brig.-Gen. Van Cleve and ordered to Murfreesboro, TN. They stayed there 2 months then were off to Tullahoma, staying for 2 months. They went to Nashville and saw action there until 9/21/1865 when they were mustered out in accordance with orders from the War Department.
Richardson, J.R. - Co G 197th OVI
Trumper, William, born about 1831. Enlisted 5/2/1864, age 33. Co I 154th OVI. Mustered out 9/1/1864 Camp Dennison, OH. Regt. organized at Camp Dennison, OH to serve 100 days. It was made up of the 23rd battalion, Ohio National Guard from Madison Co. and the 60th regt. ONG from Green Co.
May 12, 1864 they went to New Creek, WVA. They generally performed guard, picket and escort duty. Time was spent at Greenland Gap. 6/4/1864 one detachment skirmished with McNeil's battalion near Moorfield. They performed scouting expeditions from June through July and went back to New Creek. They were attacked at New Creek 8/4/1864. They started for Ohio 8/22/1864 and they were mustered out 9/1/1864. According to records, no enlisted men were killed or injured and one officer died of disease or accident.

Genealogical Data collected and assimilated in part by Mary Lou Stiverson.