Compiled by Mary Lou Stiverson

From: History of Franklin & Pickaway Counties Ohio-1880 & History of Pickaway County, Ohio 1906

The Hamlet of Palestine, situated on Deer Creek, on the western border of the township and now consisting of one small store, two or three mechanic shops and about a dozen dwelling houses, was once a stirring little place ( See Map ). It was laid about the year 1829, by Josiah Rush and George Alkire. The old tavern, built by Mitchell & Pritchard and now occupied by Thomas Brown, was one of the first buildings erected in the place. Rush & Alkire opened the first store on the northwest corner of the two pikes in a little building now standing in the rear of the present store. John V. Davis's was the first store kept in the frame building, now vacant, on the southeast corner. Samuel Diffenderfer brought in a stock of goods from Circleville but subsequently moved back there. Thomas Fellows started in trade and continued for a time then moved away. Joseph Tenney, of New Hampshire, a clerk of Fellows, subsequently opened a store where the present store on S.S. Fetherolf now stands in a building now occupied as a dwelling by Charles Ketchum. Tenny sold goods there many years and acquired a fortune. He finally sold out to Jerrold Sweatland and returned to New Hampshire. Sweatland carried on the business with success for several years. George Neff & Son followed Sweatland. They moved out of the old store and erected a building now occupied by S.S. Fetherolf. These were the principal early traders in Palestine. The only post office in the township was established here in Joseph Tenney's store with Tenney as postmaster. The present postmaster is S.S. Fetherolf.***1880. Click here to read a newspaper article describing a trip to Mt. Sterling and Era. Click here to see a picture of the 1919 train wreck in Era.

1875-Palestine Business Directory

Bethard, W.G., proprietor of boot and shoe shop, #19 East Main St.

"Texan Ranger" proprietor of Texan Ranger House, North East corner of Main and Bridge Sts.

Fetherolf, S.S., carpenter and house joiner, residence # 36 Bridge St.

Kious, A.H., merchant tailor, #19 Main St.

Lewis, Thomas, stock dealer in Circleville & London, residence in Darby Twp.

Keys, W.W., auctioneer in Circleville & London, residence on Spring Valley Farm, Darby Twp.

Dick, P.J., Darby Twp. land appraiser.

Blackford, Francis W., proprietor of saw mill, residence in Chillicothe,OH.

Township Trustees: John W. Rush, R.H. Deyo, J.M. Johnson.

About 1906, the Methodist Episcopal Church at Era had 23 members. The church building's value was $1200. The pastor of the Derby M.E. Church preached there. H.S. Kennedy was superintendent of the Sunday school which had an average attendance of about 20. From about 1844 until the time of the Civil War, there was a class of United Brethren in Christ located at Era, then known as Palestine. A frame meeting house was erected here about 1850 which stood for many years. Questions of a political nature caused dissension and division among the members and the society was finally broken up. The first school in Era was kept by Miss Emmerett Moore. In the years that have elapsed since a settlement was made at Palestine (Era), a number of physicians have been located here among whom may be mentioned: Dr. Olds, who settled here in 1830; Dr. Harriman; Dr. William Wilson; Dr. Roswell Shepherd; Dr. George W. House; Dr. Cromley and Dr. W.T. William. At the present time there are no doctors located at Era. Palestine (Era) is situated on Deer Creek near the Madison County line and is a station of the B&O Railway. The grain elevator at Era is owned by Morgan & Loofbourrow. Era had a population of 210 in 1900. The town is not incorporated. ***1906**Residents and lot #'s in 1875: Mary Ketchum 1, J. Dick 2,

F. Knight 3, H. Sayers 4 & 5, Hotel 6, T. Brown 6, B.S. ? 7, J. Matlock 8, A.H. Kious 9 & 10, D. Heath 3 acres, A.R. Alkire, D. Tolbert 12 & 13, Store 14, P. ? 14, A. Riddle 15 & 28, Store & Post Ofc. 16, M. Taylor 17, W.T. Milmine 18 & 23, H. Welton 29, A. Clark 28, J.W. Boyd 24 & 25, D. Micinney 31,

J. Hall 32, W. Work 33, J.W. Skinner 34 & 35, W.W. Birchnell 4 acres and the school building.


The following is a list of names of individuals who either died in Era (Palestine), OH or were buried there as noted:

**England, Phoebe, wife of Rue England, born about 1798 in New York and died after 1870. She's shown as being buried in the Era Cemetery.

**Gilliland, Marion, son of Samuel and Malinda Alkire Gilliland, and husband of Letha Robison was born Oct. 2, 1842 in Pickaway Co. and died Dec. 20, 1865. He's shown as being buried in the Era Cemetery.

**Gilliland,William H., son of Samuel and Malinda, husband of Sarah Bell, born Jul. 21, 1838 in Madison Co. and died Feb. 11, 1864. He's shown as being buried in the Era Cemetery.

**Franklin, Colby, son of Joseph Ritner and Mary Rebecca Welton Colby, born Mar. 20, 1872 in Kingsville, OH and was shown to have died June 19, 1874 in Era, OH.

In walking through the cemetery in Era, OH it was noted that many burials were located here but the stones are missing. Debris behind the cemetery would indicate that at some point the stones were cast over the hill behind the cemetery. Someone has gotten the ones that were in the best shape and stood them upright in the cemetery lot. It's safe to say that the stones aren't over the correct bodies and the total number and names of those interred there may never be known. To see more burials taken from the stones, please click the Genealogy tab on the site. There you'll find all readable information contained on the stones.


The Ohio Physician and Dentist Directory of 1905:

Stump, A.L. of Era in Pickaway County, Ohio-Physician-Graduated 1896 from Ecl. Med. Inst.

Genealogical Data collected and assimilated in part by Mary Lou Stiverson.