1875 Town Map

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Some Residents of Mt. Sterling from the 1875 Atlas of Madison Co. Index

Compiled by Mary Lou Stiverson

London Street: A.R. Alkire, lots 46, 96, + 3 lots at London & Columbus*Mrs. M. Alkire, 37 acres on London*G. Brown, London* Ira Bruck lot 39 London* Ira Buzick, mayor, lot 65, London*C.D. Douglas, London* D.H. Douglas 2 lots High & London*Wm. Douglas, London & Vine*F.C. Gerhart, ice house, 1 lot + London & Columbus*W.B. Jones, London*P.A. Kuhn, lot 33 & 45 London*John G. Loofbourrow, London*Samuel McClintock, doctor, surgeon, druggist, lot 49 + 1 High & London*A. Mitchell, London*B.F. Mitchell, London*R. Newman, London & Columbus*F. O'Brian, lot 45 London*H. O'Day lot 50,51,57 London & Columbus*John G. Renz, London-wagon maker*N. Riggin, London*H. Riggin London & Main, Saloon*L. Southard, 3 lots London*N.T. Tenny lot 17, 32, 27, 43, 44 London & Market*F.J. Wardell lot 78 London & Columbus*W.E. Wilmott London*Frederick Wim(?) London & Columbus, baker*A. Young, London, grocer*E. Rollins, London*G.W. Sellman, London.

Columbus Street: J.D. Abernathy, 6 acres Columbus & Market*J.A. Baker, Columbus*Ira Beach, Columbus*G.W. Bolin, carriage maker, Columbus*John Crotty, Columbus*J. Graham, Columbus*Mrs. Green, Columbus*A. and Ren Greenick, 2/3 acres Columbus*J.M. Hughs, Columbus*S. Hughs, 2 lots Columbus*W.J. Hughs, lot 24, Columbus*Mrs. S. Huntigan, lot 56, Columbus*Kaufelt, N.J.D., hardware & insurance, lot 66,67 +2, Columbus*B.O. Keller, lot 23, Columbus*Mrs. S. Leach, Columbus* Mrs. J.W. Nicodemus, lot 54, 55 Columbus*M. Nicodemus, Columbus*Ephriam Parker, lumber mill and contractor, 2 lots Columbus*I.C. Riggin, 2 acres, Columbus*M.W. Schryver, Columbus*I.W. Slage, 6 acres Columbus*A.B.T. Terry, Columbus*B.F. Thomas, Columbus*C.F. Wurm lot 62, Columbus*J. Moore, Columbus.

Main Street: A Anderson, Main*J. Baanlon, Main*S. Bates, 14 acres, Main*P. Belsman, Main*P. Bereman, Main*C. Bostwick, Main & Water* E. Bostwick, Main*T. Crabb, Main*G.W. Durham, Main & New* J.W. Ingrim, Main*T.W. Jones, Main*W.T. Leach, lot 58, Main*J. Lysinger, Main*J.L. McCafferty, lot 71, Main*J. Marshall, lot 16, Main*Dr. M. Miller, lot 2, Main*Mrs. D.M. Mitchell, Main*C.C. Moore, lot 47*J.W. Nicodemus lot 13, Main*E.B. Pratt, Dr. & Surgeon, lot 1, Main*Salnah H. Riggin, lot 5, Main*E. Rust, lot 16, Main*C. Scull, lot 15, Main*J.M. Self, Main*C.W. Sellman, Main*Mrs. A. Smith, Main*D.T. Snider, lot 3, Main*Mrs. E. Snyder, Main*W.H. Snyder, 2 + 1 lot, Main & Market*? Thomas, lot 3, Main*F.S. Van Orman, Main*J. Wood, Main*

Market Street: I. Moore, Market*Mrs. J.W. Riggin, Market*A.V. Jones, lot 81, Market*F.C. Bostwick, Market.

High Street: B.F. Leaks (heirs), 2 lots, High*H. O'Day, lot 28, High*A. Riddle, 2 acres, Main & High

*J.K. Roy, lot 47, High*G.F. Smith, Vine & High*F. Timmons, lot 34, High.

Misc: E. Adkins, 7 acres*Gabriel Alkire, 37 acres*J.W. Alkire, 7 acres* J.J. Baldwin 5 acres on Yankeetown St.*Heirs of J. Baldwin 18 acres on Yankeetown*Wm. Baldwin 228 acres on Yankeetown*

O.W. Bostwick, drygoods, Masonic Bldg.*S. Bradley, Vine St.*Z.L. Burns, barber, public square*? Crabb, Vine St.*David Death, ? location*Geo. Kious, 556 acres, Tenneriffe Farm*Wm. O. Lane, 11 acres

*Whig, prop. Bostwick House*John H. McHugh, carpenter*D.E. McMillen*J.W. Riggin, lot 80, Water St.*W.H. Riggin, livery*T. Shanahan, ? location*Mrs. H. Smith, lot 7, public square*E.J. Stone, farmer*

P.A. Zahn, blacksmith.

Genealogical Data collected and assimilated in part by Mary Lou Stiverson.