Business Photos

1896 Tenny Building

Abbott Building

Alkire Hardware

Sterling State Bank 1874 and 1971

Boice Grogery

B&O Depot

new.gif (266 bytes)1924 B&O Rail Station

C.O. Lane Gas

Cardiff's RX

Carriage Fact

Caudy Ford

Caudy Gas Station

Citizens Bank

Collopy's Restaurant

Earliest Business

First Nat Bank & Post Ofc

First National Bank

Fisher's Grocery

Ford Dealer

Goldsberry's Gas Station

Hosler Family

Hosler's Sohio

Hott's Bakery Outside 1939

Hott's Bakery Interior

Hudson Dealer

Ira and Emma Dille (Druggist)

Logan Gas

Midland Grocery

Mt Sterling Mill Co

Mt Sterling  Mill Co 2

Mill House 1910

Mt Sterling Lumber Co

Mt Sterling Lumber Co 2

Misc. Bus

Myers Funeral Home

Neff Building

Neff IGA

New Street Gas Station

Park Restaurant

Passwaters Theater

R.H. Phillips Store

Security Bank

Security Bank 2

Security Bank 3

Shannon Blacksmith Shop

Snyder Furniture Stare Interior

new.gif (266 bytes)Snyders Funeral Home

Sterling Lumber

Tarbill's Meat Mkt

Tenny Building

Tucker's Interior

Willow Wood

Street Scenes

London Street

London St. 1915


E Main St (early 1900s)










1875 Town Map and Resident Info


Begun in 1835. Ground was deeded by John A. Smith to Wm. Creath and Samuel Rolter, trustees, in 1835. It was actually organized in 1847 and Wm. Creath was installed as Elder. A brick church was build in 1868 for $200.00. A new building was built in 1908 during the ministry of Rev. R.B. Wilson. Charter members: Mrs. Margaret Creath, Sr., Wm. Creath, Mrs. Mary Creath, Mrs. Jinney M. Alkire, Samuel Thornton, Dr. David E. McMillan, Mrs. Lydia McMillan, Mrs. Julia Worthington, Mrs. Margaret Tanner and Miss Amanda Creath. The first installed pastor was Rev. George S.J. Browne.
Presbyterian. Church

Presbyterian Church 2

Organized at the house of Forgus Graham in Pleasant Township about 1825. The town of Mt. Sterling was not yet founded. Early members: Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hornbeck. Mr. and Mrs. John Robison, Mr. and Mrs. Pleasant Southward, John Smith, Geo. Alkire and Mary Alkire. The first building was built in 1837 at the corner of Columbus and High Streets. A second building was built in 1870 and the third and present building was built in 1907. The building committee: A.S. Alkire, Dr. R.H. Trimble, W.H. Alkire, John Walters, Adam Bailey, T.S. Alkire, John Waldo, T.E. Riddle, T.E. Smith, S.P. Young, J.W. O'Day, H.J. Duckworth and C.M. Hagans. The Hildebrant memorial organ was installed in 1931.

First Christian

County Boys Conference of 1916

Ladies Aid Society


In 1831 a class was organized at the home of John Puckett. Early members: Lewis Devoll and wife, John Puckett and wife, Sarah Puckett, Sophia Puckett, Geo. W. Ingrim and wife, John Blain and wife. Mr. Puckett was class leader. About 1834 a building was built on the present site. It was a small brick building and cost about $700.00. In 1859 this building was replaced with a frame one for $2500.00. This building was replaced in 1912 by the building that presently stands for $22,000.00. A parsonage was built next to the church. Early members: D.H. Douglas, Isaac Moore, Henry Blain, John McCafferty, J.W. Ingrim, Herban Carter, D.H. Clark, H. Clay Johnson, Wm. Blaine, John S. Core, Haravey G. Beale and Willis Jones.
Methodist and Parsonage

Methodist Frame

New Methodist Church

Area Schools

new.gif (266 bytes)Pleasant Twp Schools

new.gif (266 bytes)More Pleasant Twp. Schools




















Information from the 1939 La Voix and Chamber of Commerce booklet of 1923

Town Hall

Town Hall

Town Hall Opera House from Balcony

Town Hall Opera House ticket Booth

Town Hall Opera House Stage

1913 Mayor and Council

1939 Village Council

Mayor Max Chenowith

Mayor John Arbogast

Bandstand 1976

Water Plant


1920 Chamber of Commerce

1939 Chamber of Commerce

1939 Rotary

1939 Boy Scouts

1939 Cubs Scouts

1939 Girl Scouts A

1939 Girl Scouts B

1939 Masons

1939 K of P

1939 Board of Public Affairs

Mt. Sterling Citizens Band

Mt. Sterling Chidrens String Orchestra

1950 Chamber of Commerce


new.gif (266 bytes)1914 Ambulance

Baseball Heros of 1901

Ox Roast 1919

Mt. Sterling Light and Power Plant 1907

Anderson Spring Park

1896 Birthday Party


Post Card 1

Post Card 2

Post Card 3

Mausoleum & Tax records

new.gif (266 bytes)1897 Business Cards

Residents and Area Notables

New.gif (266 bytes)Alkire Children

Bertha Alkire

Bessie Alkire

Ross Alkire

new.gif (266 bytes)The Clausons N High St

new.gif (266 bytes)The Clausons Photo 1910

Dr Welch

Dr. Gittens

Mr. D.B. Saint

Mrs. D.B. Saint

ET Snyder and wife

Dr. Trimble

Dr. Wittich

Parents of Doris Endres Wilson

Frank Carpenter

John Riddle

Rev. S.T. Morris

Ross Beale

E. O'Day

J. Wm. O'Day

Louise Neff

E. W. Busic

The Fritts Children

new.gif (266 bytes)James McClimans

new.gif (266 bytes)Vona McClimans

new.gif (266 bytes)Kauffelt Lodge


Genealogical Data collected and assimilated in part by Mary Lou Stiverson.

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