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Over the years, this cemetery may have been known by other names. The book History of Madison County, 1883 - W.H. Beers, states: "Another old family ground is on the J.W. Douglass farm. This is fenced but no more are interred there." The cemetery lies inside a fence on private property on the east side of Rt. 56 toward London, OH. It is very difficult to get to and despite the work of the local trustees the weeds, trees and cattle have taken their toll over the years. It was told to this compiler that several years ago Deer Creek flooded and took many graves and stones away. The first section of this transcription is from stone readings in the summer of 2002.

The second section is from a list generously presented by Mr. Joe Dearduff. The list made possible by Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Crouse, Betty Lugenbeel and Mrs. Verna Murray.



Bruffett, John died February 20, 1848 at age 18 years.

Carson, Grace, Consort of S.M. Gamble, died (unreadable) age (unreadable).

Cook, Almira died March 20, 1851 at age 79 years.

Cook, J. died February 20, 1873 at age 73 years.

Cook, Mary E., daughter of John J. Cook & Nancy Cook, died July 27, 1868 at age 6 years.

Cook, Nancy died March 28, 1872 at age 72 years.

Cook, Ruth, Consort of S.J. Gamble, died 1834 at age 27 years.

*Footstone marker P.R.

*Footstone marker U.G.

Horrell, Nancy died July 28, 1842 at age 12 years.

Horrell, Rebecca, wife of G.G. Horrell died November 21, 1831 at age 31.

Robison, James M., son of T.S. & M. Robison, died (unreadable) at age 1 year.

Robison, John, son of T.S. & M. Robison, died August 25, 1821 at age 9 months.

Robison, Joseph P., son of T.S. & M. Robison died April 21, 1841 at age 11 years.

Roby, Thomas died February 7, 1849 at age 68.

Schell, John, son of H.&E. Schell died July 4, 1851 at age 22 years.

Schell, Joseph, son of H.&E. Schell died (unreadable) at age 20 years.

Smith, John died September 28, 1847.

Stookey, Aaron died November 4, 1863 at age 53 years.

Stookey, Archiram C. died August 23, 1869 at age 50 years.

Unreadable..........wife of John Smith.....died (unreadable) at age 53 years.

Unreadable..........died June 28, 1862 at age 75 years.

Walker, Thomas, son of H.&M. Walker, died September 22, 1848 at age 1 year.

Ward, Andrew J., son of H.&R. Ward, died (unreadable) at age (unreadable).

Ward, Joseph, died September 19, 1845 at age 65 years.


Alkire, Sarah died 1873 at age 76 years.

Bruffett, Samuel died July of 1842 at age 46 years.

Cook, Nancy, wife of John Cook, died February 20, 1873 at age 73 years.

Cook, William died January 24, 1849 at age 47 years.

Creath, George M., son of William & Mary C., died September 13, 1831 at age 1 year.

Creath, William died December 13, 1811 at age 84 years.

Deffenbaugh, Elizabeth, wife of Adam, died November 9, 1840 at age 63 years.

Douglas, Mary died September 4, 1877 at age 92 years, 7 months and 27 days.

Gamble, Ruth, wife of S. Gamble, died February 1, 1811.

Harrell, Nancy died July 28, 1842 at age 12 years.

Harrell Rebecca died November 20, 1851 at age 31 years.

Holler, Jacob, son of Samuel & Mary Holler, died March 29, 1833 at age 5 months.

Holler, Mary died 1833.

Holler, Samuel died 1833.

Jones, Mary died August 24, 1859 at age 39 years.

Lane, Elinor died in 1814 at age 17 years.

Lane, Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Lane, died April of 1839.

Lane, Mary died June 9, 1835.

Robey, Thomas died February 7, 1849 at age 63 years.

Robison, Jal, son of T.S. & M. Robison.

Smith, Lydia, wife of John Smith, died in 1847 at age 53 years.

Smith, Margaret died April of 1821.

Smith, William died May 8, 1826.

Stookey, Aaron died November 4, 1863 at age 32 years.

Stookey, Archelbold died November 24, 1869 at age 60 years.

Strain, William died February of 1826 at age 37 years.

Tully, Parmiba (Parmila?), daughter of Wm. & Elizabeth Tully died June 21, 1829 at age 10 yrs.

Ward, Jack died October of 1843 at age 27 years.

Ward, Joseph died September 19, 1845 at age 65 years.

Ward, Lilly, wife of J. Ward, died in 1851 at age 71 years.

Genealogical Data collected and assimilated in part by Mary Lou Stiverson.