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Our site now includes Pleasant Cemetery burials for 2002 and 2003

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Pleasant Cemetery

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Notable Pleasant Cemetery Burials

Pleasant Cemetery Info

1883 Pleastant Twp Cemeteries and Burial Grounds

Era Cemetery

Methodist Church Cemetery

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Pancoastburg Cemetery

Pancoastburg Cemetery Info

Baldwin Cemetery

Yankeetown Cemetery

Yankeetown Cemetery Info

Cook Cemetery

Cook Cemetery Info

Bostwick-Loofbourrow Cemetery

Messmore Cemetery

Messmore Cemetery Info

Fitzgerald Cemetery

Creath Douglas Cemetery

Local Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Burials

GAR ( Civil War ) Burials

Leavell History and Cemetery


*Pleasant Cemetery - Take Rt. 56 from Mt. Sterling to London. Turn right on Cemetery Rd. From Columbus, take Rt. 62 to Era and at the point of Era Rd. stay to the right, go through Era, cross the Pickaway Co. line. It will then sit to the right of the road.
*Era Cemetery - Take Rt. 62 to Era. The cemetery lies in the heart of Era.
*Methodist Church Cemetery - Sits on church property on S. London St. (Rt. 56) in Mt. Sterling.
*Waterloo/Pancoastburg Cemetery. Take Rt. 207 from Mt. Sterling to town of Waterloo. Cemetery sits one block off of Rt. 207 right in town.
*Baldwin Cemetery - Take Rt. 62 south from Mt. Sterling to Cook-Yankeetown Rd. Turn right on the first county road to the right or the first intersection south of Mt. Sterling. Baldwin is located just at the Fayette/Madison Co. line. It's on the left side of the road across a footbridge.
*Cook Cemetery - Same directions as for Baldwin. It's a short distance from the railroad tracks on Cook Rd. and lies in a farm field way off to the right. It is on private property.
*Alkire/Tanner Cemetery - Lies just north of Mt. Sterling on Rt. 62. It sits on a knoll on the right of the highway just beyond the Pickaway Co. line. It is on private property.
*Yankeetown - Take Rt. 207 south from Mt. Sterling. Turn left toward Deer Creek Lodge. It lies on the left of the road on a knoll just beyond the bridge that crosses Deer Creek.
*Bostwick/Loofborrow Cemetery is a short distance from Mt. Sterling on Rt. 207 toward Deer Creek. It sits on the left of the highway.
*Messmore Cemetery - No longer exists. Stones and remains moved to New Holland, OH Cemetery.
The cemetery offerings are based on stone readings, cemetery records and information donated by family members of the deceased individuals. Biographical information came from family members and the following books: The History of Madison County 1883 & 1915, The History of Fayette County 1883 and Portrait and Biographical Record of Fayette, Pickaway and Madison Counties 1892. The volumes were graciously loaned by the Mt. Sterling Public Library. Without their support and dedication to local history this project could not have been done.
Thanks go to those who allowed me to enter private property for readings: Dr. Fred Brown, Mr. John Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Gary Scott and Mr. Gerald Baynes. Thanks also to Mr. Denny Morris and Mr. Jim Stiverson for their assistance on reading the stones and the Board of Trustees of the Pleasant Cemetery and the employees for their help. Thanks, too, to Mr. Steve Cooper whose patience with my files knew no bounds.
"That which is alive hath known death and that which is dead yet can never die, for in the Circle of the Spirit, life is naught and death is naught. Yea, all things live for ever, though at times they sleep and are forgotten."--Haggard
This project is in memory of my father
K. G. Romine


All cemetery information was obtained by cemetery sexton records, cemetery walk-throughs and family archives. These listings are not to be construed as official death records.


Genealogical Data collected and assimilated in part by Mary Lou Stiverson.

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