General Burial Information

A book, History of Madison County, was published in 1915 by B.F. Bowen & Company of Indianapolis, Indiana. Supervising Editor was Chester E. Bryan. The volume was an overview of people, industries and institutions of Madison County. It includes biographical sketches of representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families of the county. The volume was reproduced through the sponsorship of the Madison Co. Historical Society in 1994.

The dedication: "To the dear, departed ones, whose busy hands changed the giant forests into fertile fields; whose love of home established the hearthstones, the tender ties of which yet bind together the heartstrings of the native born; whose partiotism gave the best of their lives and substance for the defense of their country whose graves make sacred the soil their feet so often trod."

Many early notables of Pleasant Township and Mt. Sterling were buried in hallowed ground in the Pleasant Cemetery, the Alkire-Tanner Cemetery and the Methodist Church Cemetery.

The following information is taken from the above mentioned volume in brief form. It points out several truly important people to the Mt. Sterling, Pleasant Twp. area and their place of burial.

The information is here as to section, lot and space of burial when found.

Burial information was found through sexton records. Page number at the beginning refers to the page in the History of Madison County as mentioned above.

The first cemetery here is Pleasant Cemetery, 14220 Era Road, Mt. Sterling, OH and appear in no particular order:

P. 858 John W. Reay who died in 1919, age 70. Burial location=9/5/5

Born 1849 s/o John and Elizabeth Neff Reay of Virginia. Father settled in Era, OH 1833. He was a shoemaker. Son, John W. Reay taught at Dist. #3 school for 6 yrs. He also farmed and kept stock. He was Pleasant Twp. trustee for 9 yrs. and on school board. John W. married Sarah Wickell d/o Daniel and Clarinda Douglas Wickell from Germany. Their children:

Alvin, Stella (Jones), Gertrude (McCafferty), Charles and Rena.

John W.'s siblings: Mary, George, Charles, Esther, Henry and Sarah (Hughes).

P. 859 Palmer J. Hewitt who died in 1955, age 72. Burial location = 18/11/20

Born 1882 in Sedalia, OH and s/o Washington T. and Mandain Grove Hewitt. Palmer came to Mt. Sterling 1909 and became a grocer in the Snyder building. He married Edna Marie O'Day, a cultured singer and d/o J. William and Harriet Busic O'Day. Palmer had one daughter named Truth born 1908. He was a Mason and K. of P.

P. 860 Clement D. Finley died 1948 at 85. Burial location=3/21/16.

Born 1863 Morgan Co., OH s/o George W. and Nancy J. Donahue Finley. Clement came to Mt. Sterling in 1884 and was a carpenter. He worked in a planing mill. He married Julia E. Crabbe. Children: Verner L. born 1888, Harvey E. born 1890, Leah Maude and George N. born 1904. Clement was on the Mt. Sterling school board. He was a Mason.

P. 861 Willis Jones died 1916 at 50. Burial location=8/7/5.

Born 1865 in Monroe Twp. of Pickaway Co. s/o James and Annette Bostwick Jones.

Clement came to Mt. Sterling 1902 and succeeded his father in operating a grain elevator. Willis' father was president of Farmers' Bank of Mt. Sterling. Willis was director of Citizens Bank of Mt. Sterling. Willis' siblings: Mrs. E.C. Breyfogle, Mrs. Charles H. Clark, Mrs. S.W. Beal, Mrs. John O'Day. Willis married Lora E. McKinley, d/o Wm. F. and Elizabeth Sherman McKinley. Their children were Harold C. and Elizabeth Annette. Willis attended the Methodist Church and was a K. of P. and Mason.

P. 867 Edward T. Snyder, died 1951 at 76. Burial location=10/67/5
Born 1875 s/o Wm. H. and Jennie Will Snyder. E.T. was a funeral director and furniture dealer. He married Lillie Johnson d/o H. Clay and Anna Williamson Johnson. Children of E.T.: Lillie Mildred born 1901, Harold Edward born 1904.
P. 899 Harland E. Parrett, died 1940 at 74. Burial location=Mausoleum
Born 1866, s/o George and Amelia Bush Parrett. Harland was a prosperous farmer and stockman. He worked as a laborer putting in the Mt. Sterling Waterworks. He married Minnie Puckett d/o Wm. And Maria J. Riggen Puckett. Children: Marvin (Edna Graham), Marie (Dick),
Pearl (Downs), William (Mary Morain) Glenn, Willard and Robert. Harland was a member of the Methodist Church, K. of P., I.O.O.F. and a Pleasant Twp. school director.
P. 900 John M. Oglesbee died 1932 at 73. Burial location=12/11/8.
Born 1858 Pleasant Twp. s/o John and Mary Long Oglesbee. He was a farmer and stockman. He married Mary Graham d/o James A. and Elizabeth Anderson Graham. John had one child, Milda (Bower).
P. 902 Mrs. Lacy Anderson (nee Alkire) died 1935 at 78. Burial location=12/14/6.
Born 1857 d/o Robert H. and Harriett Fitzgerald Alkire. She married James B. Anderson. Lacy operated an extensive farm. She adopted Thomas B. Wilson s/o John T. and Florence Alkire Wilson. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church.
P. 908 Jesse S. Bower died 1921 at 76. Burial location=11/6/5.
Born 1845 Fairfield Co., OH s/o George H. and Sophia Mechling Bower of PA. Jesse's siblings: Manual, Joseph, Henry, Speed G., John, Sarah Francis, Leah (Tracy), Harriett (Stone), and Alice (Clark). Jesse S. was a blacksmith by trade. Served in Co. B, 95th Regt. of OVI and spent 10 months in the Andersonville prison during the Civil War. He married Minerva Stone d/o William and Elizabeth Holloway Stone. Jesse delivered mail to Lilly Chapel and Nioga. He was a Justice of the Peace and member of I.O.O.F. Jesse's children: Fleeta (Jones), Mary (Anderson), Nelson, Earl, Frank and Hattie.
P. 919 Clinton Junk died 1941 at 87. Burial location=6/38/3.
Born 1854 in Ross Co., OH s/o Wm. And Rachel Hicks Junk. Clinton married Miranda Alkire d/o George and Mary Bragg Alkire. Children: Homer, Willis, Elmer, Mary, Harry, Ida R., Bessie L., and Bruce C. Clinton was a school board member for 16 yrs.
P. 843 Charles W. Hodges died 1937 at 78. Burial location=3/2/8.
Born 1859 in Circleville, OH s/o Wm. J. and Julia Walker Hodges. Siblings: Wm. J., Jr. and Edward B., Florence (Alderson), Margaret (Smith), Minnie (Moor), Thomas A., Belle (Smith), Nellie (Bazler), Paul, Richard, Harry and Ada (Morgan). Charles was an expert machinist and built a shop in Mt. Sterling in 1892. He married Eliza Leach d/o Wm. T. and Elizabeth Bostwick Leach. Charles and Eliza's children: May, Gladys (VonLoyd), Leo, Frederick, and Sherman. He was a K. of P. Their home was at 10 W. Main.
P. 834 Floyd S. Alkire died 1963 at 75. Burial location=3/11/7.
Born 1888 in Pleasant Twp. s/o Wm. And Nevada Beatty Alkire. Siblings: Essie (Clarridge), Rife, and Homer. Floyd was a prominent farmer. He married Maud Loofburrow d/o Alvin and Mary Neff Loofburrow. Their child was Juanita.
P. 841 Orla H. Toops died 1932 at 46. Burial location=12/27/8.
Born 1886 s/o Frederick and Eliza Stone Toops. Siblings: John W. Bertha (Morain), Armour G., Bernice (Rice), George H., Raymond and Cresswell. Orla married Golda Tope d/o Francis and Margaret Immel Tope. Children: Kenneth born 1913 and Frederick Orla born 1915.

P. 844 Seymour P. Young died 1945 at 80. Burial location=9/1/3.
Born 1864 Pleasant Twp. s/o Frederick and Lucinda Kaufelt Young. Seymour attended the Douglas Dist. school in Pleasant Twp. He was a prosperous farmer and stockman. In 1912 he moved to Mt. Sterling into a fine home on E. Main St. He married Sereatha Bricker. Children: Frederick and Myrtle L. He was a K. of P.
P. 844 Zebulon D. Fisher died 1943 at 70. Burial location=7/31/4.
Born 1873 in Pickaway Co. s/o Isaac N. and Hulda Hanawalt Fisher. Zebulon was an attorney and grocer. He married Laura M. Brown. Children: Laure E., Zebulon E., Paul R. and Mary A.
P. 846 Scott O'Day died 1961 at 88. Burial location=15/59/9.
Born 1872 Pleasant Twp. s/o James and Sophia Bennett O'Day. He married Nettie Core. A child was Freda born 1898. He attended the Methodist Church.
P. 847 Frank H. Hott died 1951 at 78. Burial location=11/21/3.
Born 1873 s/o Wm. H. and Mary E. Smith Hott. Siblings: Milton M. and Earl S. Frank came to Mt. Sterling from Ashville, OH where his family had a successful baking industry. Frank bought a bakery in Mt. Sterling which he ran for several years. He married Lola E. Tanquary. Children: Benjamin E., Louis V. and William. He was a member of the Methodist Church and the K. of P.
P. 851 Homer C. Wilson died 1935 at 84. Burial location=14/29/3.
Born 1855 Rushville, OH s/o John and Mary Patch Wilson. Homer was the director of the Security Building and Loan Association in Mt. Sterling. He was a Mt. Sterling councilman for 9 yrs. He also wrote for The Enterprise newspaper in London, OH. He married Louise Dekalb. Children: Zoa (Atkins) and Edison C. (Alberta Call). Home was a member of the K. of P. and a Mason.
P. 855 John R. Wilson died 1925 at 80. Burial location=4/10/?.
Born1844 s/o Abraham N. and Elizabeth Neff Wilson. He attended Dist. school #2. He married Allison N. Dennison. Children: Ola (Roberson) and William. He was a member of the Christian Church and I.O.O.F.
P. 854 John M. Williams died 1947 at 90. Burial location=11/28/2.
Born 1857 s/o Wm. And ? Hiser williams. He had a sister named Clara who died at 17.
John taught 1 year at Mt. Sterling school. In 1889 he bought a printing office and began and was editor of The Tribune. He was director of the Security Building and Loan and Pleasant Twp. clerk for 15 yrs. He was a member of the Mt. Sterling school board. He married Nannie Carlisle. Their children: Carl C., Harry, Donna (Hayman), Grace (Zahn) and Ruth.
P. 800 Martin W. Schryver died 1926 at 80. Burial location=5/28/7.
Born 1848 Pickaway Co. s/o Robert H. Schryver. Came to Mt. Sterling in 1869. He taught school and was Superintendent of schools 1869-1870. He brought the first printing press to town and established the Mt. Sterling Review. He drew plans for the stone culvert on S. Columbus St. He was school board clerk 1878-1885. He organized the Mt. Sterling Building and Savings Assoc. in 1869 and was its secretary. In 1871 he organized the Mechanics' Bldg. and Loan Assoc. He helped organize the Mt. Sterling Bldg. and Loan Co. in 1889. He started the town's first book store. He married Barbara H. Campbell. Children: Robert H., Florence N., Guy H., Clyde H., Helen (Hosler), and Maude (Waldo). (Photo of him p. 800 of volume.)
P. 815 William Cowan died 1928 at 77. Burial location=9/61/5.
Born 1852 Chillicothe, OH s/o Harvey and Sarah Roberson Cowan. William married Ellen Jakes. Children: Minnie (Francis), Carrie (Cannon) and Nellie (Waldo). William came to Range Twp. in 1885. He was a successful farmer and stockman. In 1901 he was elected as Range Twp. trustee. In 1907 he was elected as trustee of Pleasant Twp. He attended the local Methodist Church. He was a member of the WCTU and K. of P. His home was in the heart of the village of Mt. Sterling.
P. 855 W. O. Mendenhall died 1946 at 75. Burial location=5/54/48.
Came to Mt. Sterling in 1900 and became a grocer. Married Elle Johnson. No children. Was a member of the Christian Church, K. of P. and I.O.O.F.

Misc. burials of noted Mt. Sterling residents:

1. Smiley Hughes elected Mt. Sterling clerk 1845 and charter member of Masonic Lodge 269 of Mt. Sterling. Died 1945 at 81. Burial location=11/37/?.
2. Dr. Samuel McClintock and early settler of Mt. Sterling died 1894. Burial location=2/28/?.
3. George W. Tanner elected village clerk in 1915 died 1954 at 72. Burial location=10/69/5.
4. Glenn Johnson elected to Mt. Sterling council 1845. Died 1941 at 60. Burial loc.=15/64/4.
5. Levi Southard owned the livery stable died 1907 at 89. Burial location=10/1/5.
6. Dr. D.E. McMillan died 1889 at 72. Burial location=2/14/?.
7. A.J. Tannehill the druggist died 1960 at 89. Burial location=7/14/5.
8. H. Clay Johnson shoe store owner died 1927 at 70. Burial location=10/68/6.
9. G.D. O'Day ran sporting goods store and died 1951 age unknown. Burial location=2/41/7.
10. W.E. Waldo dealt in tack and livery. Died 1934 at 64. Burial location=2/31/16.
11. H.J. Taylor, cashier at Citizens National, died 1941 at 65. Burial location=11/48/4.

Genealogical Data collected and assimilated in part by Mary Lou Stiverson.