Compiled by Mary Lou Stiverson

from Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots

Crawford, John - Buried in Baldwin Cemetery

Minshall, Rev. William - Buried in Bethel Cemetery in Range Twp.

Moore, Ephriam - Buried in Mt. Sterling Methodist Church Cemetery

Douglass, James - Buried in Alkire Cemetery

Leach, Valentine - Buried on his own land in Monroe Twp. Pickaway Co., OH

Loveberry, John Wade - Buried in Messmore Cemetery moved to New Holland, OH cemetery

Martin, Robert - Buried in Alkire Cemetery

Nutt, John - Buried Yankeetown Cemetery

Phebus, George - Buried in Alkire Cemetery

Rowland, ? - Buried on his farm between Mt. Sterling and Five Points in Pickaway Co., OH


Compiled by Mary Lou Stiverson from Ohio Soldiers' Rosters and Index to the Grave Records of the War of 1812-1988

Baldwin, Jonas (Jonah)-Born 3/21/1773 died 9/13/1850, ensign in Capt. Wm. R. Fordyce's Co. Spouse: Mary Bland. He's in Baldwin Cemetery.

Clarridge, Edmund-Born 7/22/1788 died 1868, Pvt. in Capt. Isaac Dawson's Co. Spouse: Eleanor McCafferty. He's in Yankeetown Cemetery.

Gregory, Jehiel, Jr.-Born 1782 died 9/1823, Pvt. Capt. Jehiel Gregory's Co. Spouse: Sarah VanDolah. He's in unknown cemetery in Madison Twp. of Fayette Co.

Harrison, Batteal-Born 1780 died 1857. Spouse: Elizabeth Scott. He's buried in Cook Cemetery.

Hicks, Willis-1795-1867. He's buried in Pleasant Cemetery.

Leavell, John-Born 12/26/1774 died 8/4/1852, Pvt. in Capt. James Renick's Mounted Co. Spouse: Samantha Hedges. He's buried in Leavell Cemetery on Post Rd. off Rt. 207.

Loofbourrow, Nathan-Born 12/22/1794 died 1863, Pvt. in Capt. Christian Brotherlan's Co. Spouse: Hannah Pancoast. He was buried in Messmore Cem. Probably at New Holland, OH cemetery.

Neff, John-Born 3/28/1787 died 9/23/1868, Pvt. Capt. Spangler's Co Riflemen Ohio Militia. He's buried in Pleasant Cemetery.

Pancoast, Shreve-1788-1866, Corp. in Samuel Myers Co. Spouse: Polly Myers. He's buried in Waterloo Cemetery.

Redden, Ruben-1795-1870, Spouse: Nancy Lingo. He's in Waterloo Cemetery.

Genealogical Data collected and assimilated in part by Mary Lou Stiverson.

**All of these burials aren't confirmed but are shown exactly as found in the materials used for this compilation.**