1. Abernathy, Robt. Died 1849 at 61. From Greene Co., OH and early settler of Pleasant Twp. Owned tavern in Mt. Sterling. His son-in-law was Mt. Sterling's Dr. Jehial Gregory.

2. Atkins, 7 mo. old son of Wm. and Martha Atkins. Died 1836. The boy's father was the Mt. Sterling blacksmith.

3. Atkins, Wm. aged 1 yr. at death in 1842. Also son of Wm. and Martha Atkins.

4. Baker, Wm. died 1840 at 9. Son of James and Elilza Baker. His father was a Mt. Sterling carpenter.

5. Beale, George died 1859 at 14. Child of Stephen and Harriett Elmore Beale. George's father came to Mt. Sterling about 1834 and was a shoemaker who became a prosperous farmer of the area.

6. Beale, Jeremiah died 1836 at 1 yr. Also son of Stephen and Harriett Elmore Beale.

7. Blain, John died 1839 at 64. Born 1775 in NJ. Married Sarah Wilson born 1783 in PA. John and Sarah Blain were among the first class of the Mt. Sterling Methodist Church organized in 1831 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Puckett.

8. Blain, Sarah died 1842 at 60. Wife of John Puckett and an organizer of the Methodist Church.

9. Blain, Henry died 1893 at 80. Married Margaret Toops.

10. Blain, Margaret Toops died 1841 at 26. Wife of Henry Blain.

11. Blain, Charlotte died 1853 age 1 yr. Child of Henry Blain and second wife.

12. Blain, Sarah died 1849. Child of Henry Blain and second wife.

13. Blain, Elizabeth Hayes Morgan died 1880 at 68.

14. Bruffett, Daniel died 1861 at 41. His father was Griffin Bruffett. Daniel married Alice Olive K. Zinn

15. Bruffett, Olive K. died 1858 at 38. Wife of Daniel.

16. Bruffet, J.J. died 1856 at 5. Son of Daniel and Olive.

17. Bruffett, S.E. died 1856 at 16. Son of Daniel and Olive.

18. Bruffett, Wm. R.H. died 1848 at 2 yrs.

19. Cozzens, Eliza W. died 1861 at 61. Wife of Charles W. Cozzens who was elected to the Mt. Sterling village council in its first election of 1845.

20. Dawson, Samuel Ravenscroft died 1846 at 56. From Picaway Co. Married Dorothy Abigail "Dolly" Alkire from Bourbon Co., KY. She's buried at Pleasant Cemetery.

21. Gillenwaters, Mary Ann Toops died 1848 at 38. D/o Henry and Sally (Sarah) Watt Toops.

22. Hatfield, Seth M. died 1851 at 1 yr. Son of Snowden and Molly Hatfield.

23. Holton, Infant died 1860. Son of Dr. John H. and Sarah Stimmel Holton. Dr. Holton came to Mt. Sterling about 1860.

24. McMillen, Wm. Linn died 1844 at 7 mos. Son of Dr. David E. and Lydia McMillen who then located to Midway/Sedalia, OH.

25. Moore, Ephriam died 1845 at 102 in Williamsport, OH. Born 1743 in state of Delaware. Married Priscilla Riggin of MD. Served in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. Son Isaac is buried in Pleasant Cemetery.

26. Moore, Priscilla Riggin died 1848 at 93. Wife of Ephriam and d/o Charles and Rachel Cottingham Riggen of MD.

27. Stanford, John R. died 1854. Son of N.R. and P. Stanford. N.R. was elected town marshal of Mt. Sterling in its first election in 1845.

28. Stanford, Susan died 1856 at 17. D/o N.R. Stanford, first Mt. Sterling elected marshal.

29. Timmons, Flora died 1855 at 11 mos. D/o Lewis and Eliza Jane Abernathy Timmons. Lewis Timmons was the first elected mayor of Mt Sterling in 1845.

30. Puckett, Rebecca A. died 1857 at 16. D/o John and Catherine Puckett who was d/o Edward and Elizabeth Busic. Rebecca's father John was an early resident of the Mt. Sterling area. The first class of the Methodist Church was held at the home of her parents John and Catherine Puckett in Aug. of 1831. Mrs. John Puckett (Catherine Busic Puckett) is buried in Pleasant Cemetery sect. 2, lot 15, space 5.
31. Puckett, Sophia H. died 1861 at 44. She is John Puckett's sister and was active in the organization of the Methodist Church of Mt. Sterling in 1831 with her brother and sister-in-law John and Catherine.

(Side note: As this compiler, M.L. Stiverson, was researching this cemetery/family information it was found that this compiler is a blood relative to Mr. John Puckett and his sister Sophia H. through his mother Mary Catherine Hempleman Puckett of Adams Co., OH. The line is Carskaddon, Hempleman, Hildebrand, Ward, Romine. John and his sister Sophia were born in Adams Co., OH)

32. Self, James E. died 1858 at 2 mos. Son of John W. and Mary J. Weston Self who wed 8/6/1854.
Mr. J.W. Self died 1917 at 83 and buried Pleasant Cemetery sect. 6, lot 66, space 3.
33. Phillips, David died 1846 age 12. Son of William and Eunice Hand Phillips who wed 12/5/1833.
34. Van Buskirk, Sophia died 1885 at 8 mos. D/o Peter and Rebecca Wood Van Buskirk who wed 12/16/1847. Sophia was grandchild of James H. and Mary Bennett McClimans Van Buskirk. Mr. McClimans was a prosperous farmer and stockman of the Mt. Sterling area.
35. Wood, Granville died 1851 at 5 yrs. Son of John and Caroline Van Buskirk Wood. He was grandchild of Rev. John Van Buskirk and Sophie Seward Van Buskirk.

Genealogical Data collected and assimilated in part by Mary Lou Stiverson.