Compiled by M.L. Stiverson


Batteal Harrison, hero of the War of 1812, moved to this area about 1815. He came from Virginia. He settled on 1040 acres that his father had received as veteran of the Revolutionary War. Batteal was one of the first settlers of the area. He was of great assistance in helping others get their local land claims too.

Madison Mills was first called Harrison Mills and later called Posey. Its township, Madison, abuts the Madison County line.

In 1859 Wm. Harrison built a huge steam powered flour mill and named it Madison Mills. He sold the mill to Andrew Shiver of Ross County. Mr. Shiver defaulted on payment and the mill went into the hands of John and Harrison Adams.

An early doctor of the area was Dr. J.M. Clark from Harrisburg, OH in 1874. Mr. Alexander Clark started a blacksmith's shop in 1860. The next smith was Thomas Scott. Clark later returned to Madison Mills and his smithy trade. Sometime, about 1864 or 1867, a dry goods store was started by James Graham. In 1860, David Harrison opened a grocery store.

Madison Twp. was one of the six original townships when Fayette Co. organized in 1810. Samuel Myers was the first settler and located on Deer Creek near Duff's Fork..

In 1868, led by William Satchell, James Noble, Thomas Smith, J.S. Crow, Henry Fulton and Isaac James $800.00 was collected to build a Methodist Church. Harper Smith sold them the land. The church was finished in 1869 and Rev. Alexander was the pastor. It began as part of the Mt. Sterling circuit. In 1918 the Ladies Missionary Society was formed.

Genealogical Data collected and assimilated in part by Mary Lou Stiverson.