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Mt. Sterling WW1 Roster

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Mt. Sterling area WW1 Roster

Class of 1914
Gaylord Lewis, Reserve Medical Corps.
D. Alfred Schryver 1st Lt., Infantry
Thomas D. Tway, 2nd Lt., Infantry
John W. Junk, Sergeant, Am. Postal Service
Dean Galbreath, Corporal, Artillery
Floyd Stewart, Sergeant, Ambulance Co.
Marvin Thomas, Private, Motor Trans. Corps
Howard W. Willoughby, U.S.N.
Frank O'Toole, Private, Q.M. Corps
Grant Stone, Petty Officer, U.S.N.
Class of 1915
Willis R. Clark, French Ambulance Service
Julian O. Douglas, Private, Infantry
John W. Galbreath, 2nd Lt., Artillery
Harry O'Toole, Private, Motor Trans. Corps
Warner L. Southard, Private, Motor Trans. Corps
Class of 1916
Norman Buster, Private, Infantry
Harry G. Call, Private, Infantry
W. Stuyvesant Cowan, 2nd Lt., Infantry
Ralph C. Henson, S.A.T.C.
Marion Kennedy, Army Reconstruction Aide
Alphus Leach, S.A.T.C.
Edmund Tanner, S.A.T.C.
Max Young, Sergeant, Machine Gun Co.
Class of 1917
William P. Junk, Sergeant, Hospital Unit
Robert J. Lewis, Radio Operator, U.S.N.
Roderick B. Wittich, Jr., Corporal, Coast Artillery
Class of 1918
Ralph C. Clark, U.S.N.
Alfred T. Junk, Private, Aviation Corps
Rufus B. Dennis, Corporal, Motor Trans. Co.
Robert Syphert, Private, Aviation Corps
Paul Stewart, S.A.T.C.
Robert Trimble, S.A.T.C.
Francis E. Gallagher, S.A.T.C.














End of World War 1

Bank during World War 1

John Galbreath

John Junk

Frank O'Toole

Floyd Stewart

Thomas Tway

Marvin Thomas

Gaylord Lewis

Grant Stone

Warner Southard

George Frash

Robert Dyphert

Fred Hicks

Alfred Schryver

Brown Carpenter Alfred Junk and Frances Gallagher

Ross Alkire, Gilbert Carpenter and Wilby Cowan

Aaron Downs and Harvey Finley

John Bricker and Florence Schryver

Rufus Dennis

Marion Kennedy

Sherman Hodges and Greg Carpenter

Otis Core

Max Young

Willis Clark

Robert Lewis

Al F. Junk

Harry Call

Julian Douglas

Howard Newton Willoughby

Howard Clark





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