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The Old

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Dedication Day (above)

The D.A.R. is due the credit of establishing the Mount Sterling Public Library. On Nov. 10, 1910, the first meeting was held to organize a library. Herman Carter was elected prsident and Nora Fisher was named the first librarian and was to receive $ 3.50 a week. In April of 1911 Andrew Carnegie presented a $ 10,000 grant to the village for construction of a library. Construction started in Sept. of 1911 with R.C. Karney of Washington Court House, Ohio being the primary contractor with a bid of $ 7,265.02. It first opened its doors on May 3, 1913 with Mary Davis as head librarian. The library had 3570 square feet. On March 4, 1935, a music alcove was dedicated in the memory of Herbertha Taylor Paisley. Other Head Librarians were Anne Galbreath ( 1942 ), Myrtle Young ( 1947 ), Medrith Galbreath ( 1969 ), Jean Pollock ( 1976 ) and Doris Wilson ( 1984). Doris Wilson was the seventh librarian and the first with the title of Director of the Mount Sterling Public Library.

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Mary Davis

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The New

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On May 19, 1993 ground was broken for the new addition with the Farrell Construction Co. as general contractor. In July of 1994 the new addition was completed bringing the total square feet to 8360 including a 1,500 sq.ft. conference room. Dedication of the new addition took place on Nov. 20, 1994. The library now has over 39,000 books, music CDs, videos, books on tape and CD-Roms. Though the building has retained its original look and charm, it is fully networked and houses six patron computers on the main level, internet access in the conference room and in the museum. 


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Director ~ Heidi Fletcher

Assistant Director  ~  Sharon Morgan

Board President ~ Dennis Morris

Board of Directors ~ Paul Morehart  -  Jeri Endress  -   Floretta McGath  -  Wilson Lehman  -  Jim Stiverson  -   Jean Bragg

Clerk - Treasure ~ Lowell Anderson


Genealogical Data collected and assimilated in part by Mary Lou Stiverson.
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