Mission Statement:

The Mount Sterling Public Library will provide the means to make life long learning for all patrons possible; provide for recreational reading, viewing and listening needs; provide patrons with traditional and state of the art technologies to find, evaluate and use information; and to explore and better understand their personal heritage.

We are dedicated to helping our community indulge their recreational and learning needs. We have various forms of media, such as books, books on CDs, magazines, videos, and DVDs available for checkout. We also offer the most current technologies to find information. Whether you are searching for general knowledge or your family history, we will help you explore your interests.

This website is designed to help you get acquainted with the library. On this site you can:

Read a complete list of the services both the library and museum have to offer.

Check our calendar for upcoming events and programs for you and your family.

Explore our extensive genealogy research materials, including documents and historical photographs.

Find and reserve books from the comfort of your home.

Use our helpful links to connect you with recommended sites for more information.

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The library will close if the Madison County Sheriff declares a snow emergency level of 2 or higher. The library director may also close or delay opening the library if the weather is deemed to be hazardous. If Madison Plains closes, the library may opt to cancel its scheduled programs during the school day. Program cancellations such as Storytime and We Joy Sing are at the discretion of the library director. Other programs will be determined on a case by case scenario.


The library director or board may decide to close the library for other reasons. Some examples are carpet cleaning in the building, renovations, or power outages.

When in doubt, please call the library to inquire about cancellations or closings @ 740-869-2430.

Please note- the Museum has a separate number at 740-869-9305.