Book Club Christmas Party Lots of Fun

The December book club met Tuesday, December 6 at 6:30 p.m. in front of the fireplace at Deercreek Lodge. The book of the month was titled Once in a Lifetime, by Mary Monroe. Everyone brought a gently used gift wrapped book to exchange. Refreshments were provided and several games were played with one prize winner per game.

This reading group of 13 years plus is open to men and women ages 17 and up and to both serious and casual readers. New members are always welcome and there are never any membership dues. You are never expected to read every book every time or attend every single meeting. This is a fun and friendly group open to reading what other group members recommend or suggest. It is aptly named because the history of the group pre-pandemic was always to meet somewhere different “around town” and sometimes on a field trip outside of town.