Library Closure Policy


The library will close if the Madison County Sheriff declares a snow emergency level of 2 or higher. The library director may also close or delay opening the library if the weather is deemed to be hazardous. If Madison Plains closes, the library may opt to cancel its scheduled programs during the school day. Program cancellations such as Storytime and We Joy Sing are at the discretion of the library director. Other programs will be determined on a case by case scenario.


The library director or board may decide to close the library for other reasons. Some examples are carpet cleaning in the building, renovations, or power outages, staff shortages, and to prevent the spread of communicable diseases or virus such as the current case in the Covid-19 Pandemic. Sometimes the building may be closed to the public while some services remain available, or all services remain available with limited capacity such as our Curbside services. All of these scenarios may also apply to any time the library may have an early closure or program cancellation. 

When in doubt, please call the library to inquire about cancellations or closings @ 740-869-2430.

Please note- the Museum has a separate number at 740-869-9305.