Help Prepare Your Preschooler With Our Super Reader Club

Helpful Activity During Pandemic Times

Now more than ever our young children need our help and encouragement to give them every resource possible to instill and nurture the love of reading. Many children are falling behind between quarantines and home schooling. Help your preschoolers ready with our 100 books to read before starting school. Give your children a jumpstart on their education. We can do this by making it part of our daily routines and sharing the joy of story reading that sparks the imagination in all our minds. Children also love to be rewarded for their accomplishments. Studies show that it encourages young children to strive to do even more. During this pandemic, children are looking for fun things to look forward to and our Super Reader Club is a great way to help develop good reading habits at an early age. Give your child the added benefit of Mt. Sterling Public Library’s initiative to promote early literacy. It is AVAILABLE ALL YEAR.  The “Super Reader Club” is for those interested in participating with their child to complete a list of 100 picture books that are recommended for children to read or have read to them before starting kindergarten. Most libraries set the bar at 1000 books, but we offer children this challenge to inspire their love of reading with a fantastic award at the end of their 100 book list. Participants may pick up the list at the library anytime.  Staff will help parents find the books.  Once the hundred books are read, the parents turn in the list, and the child receives their Super Reading Club trophy, certificate of completion, and photo in the paper!  One hundred books may sound daunting, especially to busy parents. However, most picture books may be read in ten minutes or less. This program is a great opportunity to introduce preschoolers to reading, and to enjoy some of the best picture books ever.  This program has proven to make children excited to read by rewarding their accomplishment.

Special thanks to the Mt. Sterling Friends of the Library for purchasing nearly $400 of the books to complete the collection and make these books readily available to our community.