Bright Beats Music & Movement Wednesdays

Bright Beats – Instructor Katie Geers from the previously known WeJoySing program returns with her new Bright Beats program for infants through the age of 5 years. Katie is a highly qualified and trained early childhood music specialist and will bring the highest quality early childhood music and movement-based curriculum for developmentally appropriate instruction using instruments, equipment, books, and other visual aids. Classes will be once a week for 9 weeks on Wednesdays, beginning March 1 and ending on May 3. There is a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 children allowed and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Each class will be 30 minutes with a 10-minute transition time between each class. Sign up for the following classes:

10:30 — 11:00 a.m. for ages 1 through 36 months

11:10 — 11:40 a.m. for ages 3 through 5 years