Spring Bookmobile

The last spring bookmobile outing will be Wednesday, May 18. Our goal to launch back onto the road April 6 on National Bookmobile Day (now called National Outreach Day) was hampered with a mechanical malfunction. We kicked off our first day of visits at a location near you in two of our service areas of Midway (Sedalia) and South Solon as of Wednesday on April 20. If you live in an area near these two villages, you should be utilizing this free service. This value of this service to our patrons in our outlying service areas cannot be emphasized enough. This is perfect for those who may be retired and at home, are babysitting, have children or grandchildren, are homeschooling, and great for any adult as well. You may come visit us on our bookmobile during our every-other Wednesday stops and choose from the great variety of items on our bookmobile or request anything else. You could also sign up for a library card on the bookmobile. Children ages 5 and up are eligible for their own cards and we feature an extra-long check out time for Senior Citizens and Homeschoolers. We provide the free use of movies and videos on Blu-ray and DVD, music cd’s, magazines, books of every genre for adults and children and so much more! We hope to see you and your families coming to visit our bookmobile!