Alexa Seleno

Veterans Memorial & Museum Program Proved Educational

Just ahead of Veterans Day, we welcomed the National Veterans Memorial and Museum for a presentation on Thursday, November 2 at 6:00 p.m. in the library’s community room on level B2. This program for all ages proved very interesting and educational.

Special thanks to Museum Educator Taylor Shaw for his discussion and activity on “How to be a Curator” and presentation of quite a large collection of military artifacts to give you an up-close view of what a Veterans experience included. The artifacts are touchable items. Some of the artifacts included the following:

Civil War 
Union Civil War Sword Belt (no sword)
WW2 Nurse’s dress uniform with seersucker operating apron
Merchant Marines Dress Blue Jacket, WWII
Army BDU blouse from 1980s
Air Force BDU blouse from 1980s
Pilots Flight Suit from 1980s


WW1 M1912 Ration bag, Cavalry
WW2 M36 Haversack Musette Field Bag
WW2 Navy Seabag
Modern Day Duffel bag, canvas
Civil War Canteen replica
WWII/Korea/Vietnam Infantryman’s canteen
Modern day canteen
M1928 Mess Tin
Modern day MRE
Body Armor
M1917 Helmet from WWI
M1 Helmet, 1944 to 1989
Vietnam Era Flak Jacket
Plate Carrier, modern day (no plates)
Signal Flag Kit, WW2
Field Telephones, Vietnam Era
Large Camo netting