Library Scented Soap Fundraiser by HoneyRun Farm – Limited Bars Available at Library

If you are in the library, you can now purchase a bar of the amazing “Library” scented soap made by Honeyrun Farm from the Friends of the Library’s sales case. This soap was created by the Honeyrun Farm specifically as a way to create a fundraiser for the Mt. Sterling Friends of the Library. With every bar purchased through Honeyrun Farm they are generously donating $3 per bar of the $4.75 cost to Mt. Sterling Friends of the Library. The bars in our sales case were donated by another member of the Friends of the Library. We are forever grateful to our friendship and partnerships with Honeryrun Farm for many years. Honeyrun Farm supports our little library in many ways throughout the year. To order more please visit them from the Honeyrun Farm website at

From the Honeyrun Farm website:

“The Library” soap features a unique scent … a combination of leather + aged paper + mahogany + oak. We created this soap in honor of our favorite small-town library- The Mount Sterling Public Library. For each bar of soap we sell, we will donate $3.00 to the “Friends of the Mt. Sterling Public Library,” a group which focuses on heightening the public’s awareness of the services the library offers. We are so appreciative of all this little library has done for our family and are excited to give back.

Our soap is made using the old-fashioned cold process method; mixing a blend of vegetable oils with spring water and lye and finishing it off by adding our own beeswax and honey from our beehives here at Honeyrun Farm. The added honey is a natural humectant, drawing moisture to your skin as well as adding antibacterial benefits. We cure each bar for four weeks to ensure a long-lasting bar of natural soap. Each bar is guaranteed to be 3.8 ounces.

Ingredients: soybean, coconut, organic RSPO Sustainable palm, and castor oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, beeswax, honey, and lye.