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Check Out Our Storytime YouTube

Unable to attend our Storytime events on Monday mornings? Visit the library’s YouTube STORYTIME page. Miss Mindi has added the following stories as of May 18:

EVERYONE”, by Christopher Silas Neal

“KITE DAY’, by Will Hillenbrand

“I WONT EAT THAT”, by Christopher Silas Nea

Look for new stories to be added soon! Also enjoy the stories added this past fall as of September 30:

with a fall theme as of September 30:

“Hello, Fall” by Deborah Diesen     Pictures by Lucy Fleming

“Squirrel’s Busy Day” by Lucy Barnard

“Fall Mixed Up” by Bob Racska     Illustrated by Chad Cameron

“When the Leaf Blew In” by Steve Metzger Illustrated by Kellie Lewis

As of September 1:

“This is a Ball” – words and pictures by Beck and Matt Stanton

“This Monster Needs a Haircut “- words and pictures by Bethany Barton

“You Get What You Get” – Julie Gassman Illustrated by Sarah Horne

“Scribble Stones” written and illustrated by Diane Alber

“Wish” words and pictures by Chris Saunders

With the Storytime YouTube page you will find virtual Children’s stories posted here, as well as some short videos of the children’s section of the library. Currently we have nearly two dozen story videos with a goal of 2-3 per week and the possibility of more for your little ones to enjoy. Check back on Fridays for the best chance to see the new content. Be sure to subscribe to this channel. Cuddle up with your little ones and gather around the screen for some cute stories. Click the link below the image to check it out:

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